Kids can begin learning music at a very young age. You just need to give them the right tools. The PlayCorner Piano app gives parents an effective way to get their little one started in piano. We have partnered with the best and brightest musical educators to bring piano education to the small screen.

About the Method

The Brain-Based Piano Method, created by The Miami Piano Studio, is a practical and effective system for learning music and the piano that incorporates the latest scientific understanding on how children learn. It leads the students to learn music in the same way children learn their first language: first by listening, then by singing, then by playing the piano.

Students who learn piano and music with the Brain-Based Piano Method build an understanding of the basic concepts of music from the beginning: rhythm, tonality, form and harmony, and learn to apply these concepts to different styles of music and to create their own compositions. Using the Brain-Based Piano Method, students adopt a flexible attitude towards learning, create the habit of making connections, such the ones between music and math, and apply the practice habits and memorization techniques from their piano study to other areas of their lives.

The app can be used on its own. If you would like to expand the learning experience, you can purchase the books here. The app is best paired with the first level, Initiation A.

About PlayCorner

Play Corner is founded by parents and grandparents to create educational and fun experiences for children on the small screen. For more information about the company and its other products, please visit our main site.


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