Basic Concepts Notes and rhythm

The method leverages all of a child's senses to communicate a new concept or teach a new song. First, we listen to and watch the song being played. Then, we study the rhythm. Finally we start teaching the song itself.
The Basics

Adaptive Learning Rewards for active participation

Child gets a smiley face for correctly answered questions, as well as participation. Teacher guides child through learning the song with video and verbal reinforcement, and questions adapt in difficulty to child's answers.
Second Showcase

Multiple Lessons Many opportunities to learn

Many lessons to choose from: we alternate between introducing new concepts and applying them to a piece of music. Several are there to check it out, then you can purchase additional lessons within the app.
Third Showcase

Kid-Friendly Imagesto make piano fun

First Screenshot
Second Screenshot
Third Screenshot
Fourth Screenshot

I love to play with this app - it reinforces my lessons!

Julian, age 5 in Miami, FL

Finally, real piano instruction, and in an app. I can make my kids practice everywhere!

Madeleine, Mom of a 5 yr old and a 3 yr old in Miami, FL

I love the interactivity. Not just another piano app.

Alex, Dad of 2, Miami, FL

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